Pianistas #15: Sviatoslav Richter (1915-1997)

Há um ano atrás, para assinalar a passagem dos 8 anos sobre o falecimento do pianista ucraniano Sviatoslav Richter, escrevemos aqui que ele não tinha grande apreço pelas gravações. Do livro "Sviatoslav Richter - Notebooks and Conversations", do cineasta Bruno Monsaingeon, retiramos este pedaço delicioso, em que um outro grande pianista, o canadiano Glenn Gould (1932-1982), se refere de uma forma assaz curiosa às gravações de Richter:

"(...) For a whole month", diz-nos Bruno Monsaingeon, "I had effectively been living in another world. Glenn Gould and I were about to complete the editing of our film on the Goldberg Variations in an underground studio somewhere outside Toronto. (...) When the editing process was finished, we spent a whole night watching the film, but this time as spectators. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, Glenn turned to me: 'You know Richter. Are you in touch with him?'


'A musician like him, such a tremendous pianist amd he doesn't know how to make a recording. He has no recording philosophy and allows records to be released that are a betrayal of his abilities and in no way represent him. He really must learn the specific art of recording. I'd like to make a recording with him in which I'd be his producer.'

'Glenn, are you serious?'

'I'm damn serious. He could play whatever repertory he liked , even Rachmaninov, on my own piano if he wanted. Put it to him.'

Three weeks later at the Fêtes Musicales de Touraine, I raised the matter with Richter, first of all explaining that I had just finished a film about the Goldberg Variations with Glenn Gould.

'Did he play the repeats?'

'Yes, the first repeats in the canonic variations.'

'What! Not all of them? But I spoke to him about it in Moscow in 1957, after his concert. Such a musician, such a tremendous pianist... The work is too complicated; without the repeats no one can follow it. And in any case, that's how it's written.'

'But, Maestro, that's not what's at issue. Don't you think his proposal is worth considering?'

'Where and when?'

'In America, of course.'

'I never go to America.' He then reflected for a moment, before adding: 'Tell Glenn Gould that I accept, but on condition that he agrees to give a recital at my festival in Tours.'

He said this with a smile in his voice, knowing perfectly well that Gould refused to perform in public. And that was the end of the matter."

Sviatoslav Richter faleceu há 9 anos, no dia 1 de Agosto de 1997.


Svistoslav Richter
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